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Fault Lines

"Ally" Community

The "Fault Lines" Documentary is more than just a short film.
Our goal is to empower individuals to join with us to become allies, and

to use our voices as a collective in raising awareness and making a change!

Behind The Scenes

Members will have access to exclusive footage from the BTS of the documentary, including outtakes, and more in-depth content about Shanelle.


The Fault Lines team is striving to create a group of passionate and diverse allies who are open-minded, and willing to further educate themselves, and those around them. This community offers a safe environment for survivors to connect with each other, and other members.


As part of our community, members will gain early access to a variety of features including a song covered exclusively for 'Fault Lines'. 

VIP Group Calls

Members of our ally group will have exclusive access to weekly VIP group calls with other members, and the team at BeTheOne - including founder, Dominique.


Our allies will be given access to podcasts featuring Shanelle, who will give a more in depth take on her story.


Our Ally community will have access to merchandise only available to them! This will include unique designs and limited edition pieces.

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